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eCommerce Website

I will be able to set up a secure, fast, modern, effective and elegant online store. Whether you are an existing business or want to set up a new online business, I will help you create a professional looking online store with international potential, managing secure payments, deliveries, user accounts, order tracking, product promotion, user reviews and the sharing of products on social media.

Effective Information

With the help of eye-catching visual and striking graphics, a modern theme look with focus on simplicity of use and cross-compatibility across different devices, I will build for you a website to convey information to your viewers in the most effective manner possible whilst at the same time reaching as many users as possible.

Business Showcase

I will ensure that your product and business have the online presence they deserve. Using the best premium themes with dynamic content and focus on product promotion. I will help you set up social media and integrate it within your website, put special focus on SEO and provide you with the traffic analytic tools to ensure you’re reaching your target market.

Professional Portfolio

Are you a painter?  A photographer?  A musician? Or simply an artist? I will develop an equally artistic yet professional and on request abstract website with focus on unique design and integration of multimedia tools to display your work and connect with your fan base as well as potential business partners.

School Website

Whether you represent a private or public primary school, a secondary school or a higher level education institution. I will be able to create a website for your organisation. This offer includes a showcase of your organisation, several pages about the history, achievements, pupils, policies and much more. We can even create a secure online users system, so that all members can pay for any product or service online, with the option of a credit or debit card(PayPal), cheque or even bank transfer.

Online Blog

Do you need help setting up an online blog? I can get everything set up for you, make sure your blog looks the best it can. Even give you detailed instructions as well as optional training on how to use WordPress for your website in order to manage your blog, add posts, pages and media, as well as managing different plug-ins and integrating social media!

What am I good at?

My skills are constantly improving, I have a solid knowledge of various Web Development and Web Design technologies. I aim to always keep up-to-date with all the latest news and trends when developing websites for my clients. I do this to not only make the websites look great but also work great, feel great, be compatible across as many devices and their browsers as possible and to be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly in order to drive more traffic and increase the public status and respect for your organisation.
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Kamil Kubiak

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